How can talent & model agencies thrive in the age of AI ? 

We live in a highly complex world. One that is made by complex human beings. Yet, we find pleasure in the simple things, like a day at the beach with friends surfing in the ocean or dancing late at night on a summer night. 

Beauty is universal and I believe that we are the first generation with the ability to record and digitally preserve our identity online. From our first social media account on Myspace to our first DMs on MSN messenger. Our generation has been raised by the internet and we are only beginning to realize just how precious our digital memories are. They tell a story of what we’re made of and what we represent. What we look like is a unique expression of chance that accumulated over billions of years as unique as a diamond. The sounds we make when we sing and the meaning of the words that we string together are a unique expression of our identity. 

At AI Model Agency we’ve decided to focus on a particular aspect of your personal identity. Your likeness. We are seeking to license the likeness of popular culture in today’s age. Our mission is to preserve influencers from the present day and enable them to scale their income online. 

We look forward to meeting with partners and negotiating appropriate terms and conditions in an attempt to move the industry forward with exciting new technologies!


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